Entrevistamos a Shuyang, ingeniera en Shenzhen

12 Oct Entrevistamos a Shuyang, ingeniera en Shenzhen

El pasado 22 de septiembre, dimos una pequeña charla sobre Cultura Maker en el Centro de Innovación del BBVA. La charla se titulaba «Cultura Maker: todos los caminos llegan a Shenzhen«, y recogía observaciones e ideas que nacen de nuestra experiencia visitando Shenzhen. Esta ciudad china, también conocida como la fábrica del mundo, tiene más de 13 millones de habitantes y cuenta con un excepcional ecosistema emprendedor para toda empresa interesada en lanzar producto. El desarrollo y la producción de hardware para dispositivos es uno de los pilares de este ecosistema. Para adentrarnos en este ecosistema con más detalle, os dejamos esta entrevista a Shuyang Zhou, una ingeniera del equipo de producto de Seeed Studio, empresa china referencia de los y las makers de todo el mundo.

1. What’s your name and what is your role at Seeed?
My name is Shuyang Zhou. It means book ocean in Chinese. It sounds like a walking library, but unfortunately, i am not…  haha !!

I do a a lot of things in Seeed.  First I am a product manager, so I make hardware product. And I am also in charge of the marketing for (BDG) Business Development Group and I am also in sourcing team to search interesting project and find out how Seeed can cooperate with them.

Two months ago, I was still head of Seeed Fusion Prototyping Service, but later, I decide to set out of my comfort zone, so I pass my position to someone else and join the sourcing team. I am really excited about what challenge I am going to face with.

2. What’s your background and why did you study this? Where? What were your expectations?
I study «Measurement and Control Technology» at Dalian Maritime University , it is a major about getting the physical data and use the data to control the system. Basically I was not that fore thinking, to be honest, at that time, everyone told me that I should learn something that will help to find a high-payment job easier, and of course, engineering is on the list. And I am good at Math and Physics, I think it will cool for me as a women to learn engineering, so I pick this major.

I met many wonderful person in this engineer circle, they help me understand that, though we are not the one who has super power, but we can still contribute to a better world.  So now I have only one dream, being a good person with capability. I don’t just want to be a nice person, I want to be capable so that I can really get something done for the world.

Presentación de Rephone en Rockspace

Presentación de Rephone en Rackspace, San Francisco.

3. What is the most difficult challenge you have ever face as an engineer.
I think most difficult challenge for me is I can not just be an engineer, I need to deal with many different things at the same time, especially in small company, you had to get involve in many different things, eg., supply chain, team management, cost control for your product…. Getting manage of all of these is kind of challenge for me, but they for all good experience. They help me see a full picture of making real product.

4. What do you think about fablabs, makerspaces and Maker Movement in general?
I think they are very very important. They are the place where grassroot idea would born. People from these places can see and make something that the big company is not able to.  I love this creative people! This is also one of the reasons that why I choose to join the sourcing team, I hope I can see the world from their eyes in the eyes.


chaihuo makerspace

Chaihuo Maker Space, fundado por Seeed Studio


Espacio interior de la zona común del Chaiuo Maker Space en Shenzhen

5. How is Seeed related to fablabs, makerspaces? How the company relates with the maker community and fabber community?
Seeed founded the first makerspace Chaihuo Maker Space in 2011, at that time we felt really lonely when we talked about maker in China. So we built Chaihuo and hope to use Chaihuo Maker Space to spread maker movement and gather people who want to understand maker world.

Then in 2015, the premier of China visit us, we become so popular and everybody is talking about makers. With the help of government, Chaihuo kind of fulfill the dream of spreading the maker community in China. And then now we have more and more makers in China in Shenzhen, they need a place to make stuff, so we decide to build a Chaihuo Fabrication Center which will be opened in October this year 2016. Chaihuo Fabrication Center is compatible with fablab system.
Also, since more and more foreign makers are coming to China, we would like make Chaihuo as a humble interface to help them softland in shenzhen.

6. What would you say to girls who would like to make a career in science an technology? 
Go for it! I think you can keep who you are as a woman and approach technology in order to do something great for the world. You will have to compete and collaborate with men in a field where they have been always more present than us, and this is not always easy, but technology is always fun. Keep calm and work hard! 

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    Genial entrevista a esta valiente mujer,

    Lo único, no la tendreís traducida al español? La gran mayoría la entiendo, pero hay algunas frases en las que me pierdo

    Un beso y animo a todas las emprendedoras! 🙂

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